About Chat

Chat is an important function of Linkkey to realize Web3 social circle.

Chat is built on the XMTP protocol, which enables 1v1 chat and group chat without creating an additional account and using a wallet for signature to open the chat, and the chat messages are coded and encrypted by standard codec for privacy security.

The details of XMTP can be found at: https://xmtp.org/docs#protocol-overview

1v1 Chat


  • Chat data privacy based on asymmetric encryption

  • Chat message list is sorted in reverse chronological order and supports message notification (v1.1)

  • v1.0 supports text communication, v1.1 supports picture and emoticon formats, v1.2 supports voice calls

  • Buy Follow-NFT to automatically become friends and start chatting

  • Chat cannot be created without Follow-NFT relationship between two parties

Group Chat


  • Asymmetric encryption for privacy of chat data

  • Chat message list is sorted in reverse chronological order, and supports group message notification (v1.1)

  • v1.1 supports group chat function, and supports text, picture, and emoji communication formats, v1.2 supports voice group chat

  • Purchase Group-NFT can automatically join the group chat

  • Without Group-NFT can not query or receive any information from the Group

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