About Follow-NFT

Follow-NFT is the basis for building Web3 social circle, we will define friends relationship based on blockchain's NFT holding status, and friends can conduct encrypted chat (based on XMTP protocol), post articles (based on Lens Protocol protocol) and other behaviors between friends.

Follow-NFT is a financial exploration of the Web3 social circle, where we price the relationships and can trade them freely. This makes relationships in Web3 social circles valuable, and users will be more active in participating and maintaining social relationships, which ultimately makes social circles more meaningful and thus retains Web3 users.

In fact, the social giants in the traditional Web2 domain are already experimenting with private circle socialization, specifically such as Twitter circle (https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/twitter-circle).

We have the advantage of a native Web3 social circle developed on the blockchain, and a more convenient social financialization through cryptocurrency.

The prerequisite for issuing Follow-NFT (hereinafter referred to as FNFT) is: having an SNS domain name and completing Twitter identity verification.

FNFT basic information:

  • NFT quantity is 150

  • Fixed floor price, the default KEY as the currency unit, the subsequent will be open to other currencies

  • Can set the number of external public sales (primary market, open to external Mint)

  • Secondary trading is possible

After issuing FNFT:

  • SNS can no longer be traded and will be locked into designated contracts to avoid fraud and false issues

  • Group-NFT can still be issued

  • One-time Mint is required for those not sold to the public

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