Group-NFT is a social supplement to Follow-NFT, we have 1v1 social needs, but also a group of like-minded people for group social needs, so we also launched the Group section, for up to 1500 people to build a large social circle.

The prerequisite for issuing Group-NFT (GNFT for short below) is: having an SNS domain name and completing Twitter identity verification.

GNFT basic information:

  • NFT quantity is 1500

  • Fixed floor price, default KEY as currency unit, will open other currencies later

  • Can set the number of external public sales (primary market, open to the public Mint)

  • Secondary trading is possible

  • Can set the name of the contract group, easy to spread and remember

After issuing GNFT:

  • SNS can no longer be traded and will be locked into designated contracts to avoid fraud and false issues

  • FNFT can still be issued

  • The unpublicized portion will be minted to your own address

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