About Market

Market is located in the dedicated NFT market, can be traded Follow-NFT and Group-NFT, subsequent versions will support the transaction of SNS domain names.

Support for NFT transactions with KEY, subsequent versions will support USDC, Matic.

Fixed contract issuance service fee, 2.5% transaction service fee.

Support setting royalty fee.

Service fee

  1. Issuance service fee will be charged when issuing contracts:

    • 100 key for issuing Follow-NFT

    • 500 key for issuing Group-NFT

  2. 2.5% of the transaction amount will be charged as a service fee when a transaction is made by a trading contract.

Royalty fee

The issuer of Follow/Group NFT can set a royalty fee of 0-10%, which can be extracted from the secondary flow of subsequent NFTs.

Royalty income is transferred directly to the publisher's account through the contract.

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