Invitee Mechanism

Become an invitee

Prerequisite: own SNS domain name

You need to pay 150 KEY (price will rise later), limited to 100 places in the first phase

After becoming an invitee, when users use your invitation code for domain name registration, they can get 10% of the domain name registration fee (currently, only KEY is supported to get a share of the registration fee, and the share of other currencies will be opened in the future), and there is no limit to the number of invitations.

Use invitation code to register SNS domain name

3-digit registration does not support invitation mechanism for now, will support in the next version

Fill in the valid invitation code when registering, you can get 10% discount on registration fee (currently, only KEY is supported, other currencies will be supported in the future)

Invitation Code

In order to facilitate the dissemination and memory, use SNS domain name directly as the invitation code

When will the invitation share arrive?

Based on the contract of real-time share, registration a can get a share of the account, share details can be viewed on the personal account page ([yourAddress])

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